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Servicenow Online Training

This course gives candidates a combination of instructor-led lecture and hands-on experience implementing cloud-based ITSM platform. United Global Soft provides world class Service now training. Enhances capabilities to perform specific roles. The sessions covers tables, scripting, UI actions, workflow scripts and service catalogue management. Our customized curriculum helps students to develop Performance tuning tips and tricks to implement ServiceNow to drive business faster.Training is given by experienced & Certified IT Professionals.

"This course is designed for system administrators/ developers who are new to the ServiceNow ecosystem. During this 30 hours interactive training course attendees will implement various system administration functions in demo, learning to perform fundamental administration/development & configuration tasks."

Materials/ Assessment
  • After every session PDF related to topic covered is shared with attendies.
  • After every session some assessment questions will be sent to that they can practice it.
  • Recording of each session is shared with students.
  • Online Training : Available
  • Corporate Training : Available

  • Servicenow COURSE CONTENT
    1 .Introduction to ServiceNow:
    • What is ServiceNow
    • Why and who can use ServiceNow
    • Concept of cloud computing in ServiceNow
    • Introduction to ITIL foundation
    • Navigation and users
    • Helpful portals, releases
    2 .Tables, Form, Dictionary:
    • Creating Application, module
    • Creating table
    • Personalizing form and table layout
    • Creating Section
    • View
    • Dictionary entries
    • Dictionary overrides
    • Related lists
    • Reference qualifiers
    3.User Administration:
    • Creating groups
    • Users and Departments
    • Concept of delegation
    • Customizing user profile
    • Roles & group membership
    • Fetch detail in of logged user
    4.Email Notification:
    • Defining a Template
    • Define notification
    • Email logs
    • Introduction to SMTP and POP mail servers
    • Trigger email on event
    5.Service catalog:
    • Use of service catalog, back end execution
    • Creating catalog item, record producer, order guide
    • Create RITM and catalog task
    • Attaching workflow to catalog items
    • Workflow editor and workflow scripts
    • Workflow activities and workflow context
    • Workflow stages, transitions
    7.Create SLA &Schedule:
    • SLA Definitions
    • SLA Properties
    • Attach SLA to tasks
    • Create schedule and child schedule
    8.Access Control List:
    • Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level
    • Debug ACLS
    • Write ACL Scripts
    • Concept of privileged system admin
    9.Content Management (CMS):
    • Creating site
    • page Dynamic content block
    • Define Header, theme, style sheet
    • Creating UI page, UI macros
    10.Customize Homepage:
    • Creating Gauges
    • Define CSS properties, UI Properties
    • Change visibility of Homepage and banner
    11.Importing data in ServiceNow:
    • Data sources
    • XML import
    • Transform maps
    • Import sets
    • Transform scripts
    • Data load automation
    12.Scripting in ServiceNow:
    • Configure a ServiceNow instance for scripting
    • Write, test and debug client-side scripts
    Business rules-UI actions
  • Script actions
  • Workflow scripts
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Client scripts-User Interface (UI) policies
  • UI scripts
  • Write, test and debug server-side scripts
  • Develop scripting best practices
  • Write, test and debug script includes-On-demand functions
  • Server side
  • Jellyscripting basics
  • Client/server -Manage events
  • Concept of Application Scripting
  • 13.Update set’s Creation :
    • Creating an update set
    • Merge update set
    • Retrieve Update set in another instance
    • Syntax Editor
    • Using the Syntax Editor
    • Script Syntax Error Checking
    • JavaScript Debugger
    • Field Watcher
    • Debugging Business Rules
    • Business Rule Error Messages
    • Debugging Tools Best Practices

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