Most of the software QA outsourcing processes are aimed specifically at reducing the cost and time to have your software tested. It could be a good approach but we believe that it is quite simplistic and leaves value unrealized. We think value needs to be measured by the ratio of effort to benefits.

A successful yet effective methodology!

Why would you want to outsource QA and Software Testing Services?

  • Improves brand image

Software testing is tedious work and if it’s in-house, your focus could be dithered. Most of the outsourced projects directly impact customer satisfaction levels. When providers assure quality, it automatically results in improved customer satisfaction. In this process, the reputations of the organization as well as its brand image are automatically bolstered.

  • Helps reduce costs

When quality is delivered as desired, it also helps reduce operational costs. Some of it comes naturally since waste is reduced significantly when prescribed quality guidelines are properly adhered to. Cost savings can also come from implemented quality management techniques such as Kaizan, Just In Time, etc.

  • Improves business relations

Business relations between the client and the outsourcing service provider naturally get a big boost because quality assurance paves the way for the achievement of specified performance and key metrics. Quality assurance also helps improve business relations by providing on-demand access to live reports containing critical information about project progress, cost structures, operational risks, and their remedies.

  • Improves operational efficiency

For delivering quality, outsourcing service providers make use of the most advanced telecommunication and IT systems while relying on highly qualified and skilled professionals. All of this naturally helps improve operational efficiency.

  • Improves competitive strength

When quality assurance is delivered, it directly impacts customer perceptions about associated products and services. This helps create favourable conditions for the products and services in the targeted markets, thereby allowing businesses to improve their competitive strengths

Why CodeForce 360?

  • Business Partners with SAP, IBM, HP, Oracle, SalesForce and Microsoft
  • Forbes “America’s Most Promising IT Staffing Company”. We will hire the right resource for your product development
  • Technology Focus- ERP systems, Non ERP technologies, Cloud based technologies, BI and CRM
  • Currently working on >20 projects related to SalesForce
  • >5 locations globally. We will offer both on-shore and offshore services!

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