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IBM FileNet Development Training  

IBM FileNet provides enterprise content management, enabling to manage organizations content and documents. This scalable software offers lifecycle management, content processing, consolidation, document management, application development, compliance and governance. It helps gain secure, mobile, anytime across content stores and supports complex business processes.

Cognitive Search : Provides cognitive search abilities that quickly finds content irrespective of classification.

Content Access for Users :Offers collaboration support, content synchronization and mobile support, to engage users across various channels and devices.

Content Consolidation : Manages content from multiple and diverse repositories without actually migrating it

Document Management: : Supports and manages Document and publication requirements, either simple or large.

Overview Of Content Engine Java API

  • Records Manager Java API,
  • Introduction to Content Engine API programming,
  • Content Engine Java API,
  • Application Setup in Eclipse,
  • Java Client API,
  • Content Engine Java, 
  • Process Engine APIs,
  • Content Platform Engine API Methods,
  • Content Engine COM API.

Communicating With Content Engine

  • Content Engine API Exceptions,
  • External Communication Layer, 
  • Communicating through a Firewall,
  • Content Platform Engine.

Content Engine Java API For Working With The Following

  • Web Service API, 
  • Content Engine Platform Server, 
  • FileNet Content Platform Engine server, 
  • Introduction to Content Engine API Programming,
  • Content Engine’s REST API,
  • Required JAR Files,
  • Content JAVA API Compatibility Layer Maps


  • Creating Folders,
  • Working with Folders,
  • FileNet P8 Folders,
  • Hide a Folder,
  • Delete a Folder, 
  • Creating Folder and Sub Folder.


  • Return Document Properties,
  • Set a Document Object,
  • Document Creation (a word-processing file, graphic, spreadsheet, HTML File),
  • Working with Document Objects,
  • Viewing a Document,
  • IBM Content Navigator,
  • Review Documents.


  • System Properties,
  • Running the Property Template Wizard,
  • Create Property Templates,
  • Working with Properties,
  • Property-related objects,
  • Create Property Templates,
  • Return Document Properties,
  • Print Property Values

Custom Objects

  • Manipulating Content and Objects,
  • Content Engine Objects,
  • Application Types : Run time, Administration, and Metadata Authoring,
  • Referential Containment
  • Relationship Objects.


  • FileNet Image Services,
  • Image Services Pull Daemon, 
  • Constructing and Running Content Engine Searches,
  • IBM FileNet P8 Search,
  • Analyze Searches,
  • Search for Documents


  • Security Context for FileNet P8 Installation,
  • Secure Data,
  • Security Features,
  • Administer Security,
  • Security Inheritance,
  • Security on a FileNet Object Store,
  • Security Concepts.

Document Versioning

  • Documentation that supports FileNet P8 Platform,
  • Document stored in Cache,
  • Document Management tasks,
  • Designing Various Versions of Documents,
  • Adhoc Search using a Document ID,
  • New Document Version

Document Lifecycle  

  • Lifecycle Policies,
  • Lifecycle Actions,
  • Document Lifecycle Policy,
  • Document Lifecycle in FileNet P8

Compound Documents

  • Managing Compound Documents,
  • FileNet P8 Compound Document,
  • Root Document,
  • Assembling Compound Document,
  • Viewing a Document8


  • Document Annotations,
  • Annotation Objects,
  • IBM FileNet Image Services Annotation,
  • Export Annotations,
  • Extract Annotation Text.


  • Audit Logging,
  • Audit Trial Capabilities,
  • Auditing and Logging,
  • Managing Auditing Events,
  • how to audit an event,
  • Audit Disposition Policy,
  • Audit Entries,
  • Audit Log

Events And Subscriptions

  • FileNet P8 Records Manager,
  • Predefined Event Actions,
  • Synchronous Event,
  • Subscribing to Events,
  • Custom Events,
  • Event Action Handler,
  • Event Action Object,
  • Event Action Handler,
  • Event Subscription,
  • Fired Event.


  • Batch Updating,
  • Batch Operation,
  • Batch Instance,
  • Batch Committal,
  • Batches in FileNet,
  • Object Store in Batches

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