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Oracle Performance Tuning Training

In the Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning course, learn about the performance analysis and tuning tasks expected of a DBA: proactive management through built-in performance analysis features and tools, diagnosis and tuning of the Oracle Database instance components, and diagnosis and tuning of SQL-related performance issues. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Database Cloud Service.

The DBA will analyze the SQL performance with available tools. The DBA will be introduced to various methods of identifying the SQL statements that require tuning and the diagnostic tools used to find ways to improve performance. This will include the use of statistics, profiles to influence the optimizer, and using the SQL Advisors

A major task of DBAs is to maintain SQL performance across changes. This course introduces Database Replay and SQL Performance Analyzer which help the DBA test and minimize the impact of change

Broadly this course will cover following:

  • What are common oracle database performance issues?
  • Where to check for messages / tuning information to get to bottom of issue.
  • Different tuning approaches - based on different databases (OLTP vs Data Warehouse).
  • Learn about database statistics, optimizer and maintenance plan for tables and indexes.
  • SQL and Instance tuning details.
  • General guidelines for avoiding performance issues in Oracle database.
Who is the target audience?
  • Oracle Database Developers
  • Oracle Database Administrators
  • Database Architects
Course Contents:

SQL tuning

  • Query Optimizer and Execution plan
  • Index suggestions 
  • Query structure change 
  • Hints
  • Tkprof analysis
  • DBMS Profiler
  • Various index scans vs Table scan

Automatics SQL Tuning 

  • Automatic tuning optimizer
  • Statistics analysis
  • Sql Profiling
  • SQL tuning advisor

Report analysis 

  • AWR
  • ADDM
  • ASH

Oracle enterprise Manager (OEM)

  • DB Health check
  • Performance monitoring
  • Running above reports

Instance Tuning

  • Memory tuning
  • Automatic memory management
  • Wait events

Segment tuning 

  • Index rebuilding
  • Segment move/shrink operations
  • Segment advisor

Partition and Compression 

  • Partition types and benfits
  • OLTP compression
  • LOB compression with secure files

Real Time cases

  • Tuning query in given time period
  • Troubleshooting ongoing query issues
  • Archival Process
  • Partition Purge
  • Separating report data using goldengate

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