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Oracle Product Information Management (PIM) Training

This Oracle SCM Cloud: Product Information Management Implementation training guides you through creating and managing items, item attributes, catalogs, structures, change orders and new item requests. Through hands-on practices and interactive instructor demonstrations, you'll learn how to manage the entire lifecycle of an item

Learn To:

  • Create your own item organizations and item classes to use when creating items.
  • Manage items using catalogs and catalog sharing, structures and packing hierarchies.
  • Set up and manage the approval workflows necessary to create new item requests and change orders.
  • Use spreadsheets to manage item import and item updates.
  • Perform critical functional tasks to effectively manage item lifecycles
Benefits to You

Taking this course will help you develop the knowledge and skills to ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of the Oracle Fusion Product Management offering. You'll walk away with a better understanding of configuration options, which will help you make effective decisions during your implementation. Furthermore, this course will help you optimize the setup of your organization’s items to help you effectively manage item lifecycles.

Learn Through Hands-On Demonstrations

Expert Oracle University instructors will demonstrate how to create item rules and rule sets, as well as how to use rule sets to analyze the projected impact of new rules on existing items. Please note that this course is relevant for any customers using Fusion Applications through Release 10; it's appropriate for both Oracle Cloud and on-premise deployments.

Course Contents:

Introduction and Overview of Fusion Applications and Fusion Product Management

  • Navigating in Fusion Applications
  • Exploring Fusion Application Help Topics
  • Finding Additional Information
  • Explaining Product Management Features

Introduction to the Functional Setup Manager

  • Describing Offerings
  • Creating Project Implementation Plans
  • Explaining Task Lists and Tasks

Setting up Item Organizations and Item Classes

  • Explaining and Creating Item Organizations
  • Describing How Item Classes are Used in Product Management
  • Creating Item Classes
  • Adding Roles and Privleges to an Item Class

Searching for Data in Product Management

  • Using the Global Search
  • Searching for Data Using the Regional Search
  • Browsing for Items

Creating Items

  • Creating Items and Explaining the Required and Optional Attributes
  • Creating Multiple Items
  • Describing Item Relationships
  • Copying Items
  • Using Item Templates

Defining Item Attributes

  • Explaining Key Flexfields, Extensible Flexfields, and User-Defined Flexfields
  • Creating Item Attributes
  • Adding Attributes to an Item Class
  • Explaining Data Security in Product Management

Creating Packs and Structures

  • Explaining and Creating Item Structures
  • Defining Pack Items and Creating Packing Hierarchies

Managing Items with Catalogs

  • Explaining Catalogs
  • Creating Catalogs and Adding Categories
  • Sharing Categories Across Catalogs

Performing Item Mass Updates

  • Using Spreadsheets to Update Multiple Items
  • Assigning Multiple Items to Organizations
  • Assigning, Reassigning, or Unassigning Multiple Items to Catalog Categories
  • Updating Item Attributes in Multiple Items

Setting Up and Creating New Item Requests

  • Defining the Approval Workflow
  • Using New Item Requests to Manage the Item Creation and Approval Process
  • Managing the Setup Required to Create New Item Requests

Setting Up and Creating Change Orders

  • Managing the Setup Required to Create Change Orders
  • Managing Item Changes Through Change Orders
  • Defining the Approval Workflow

Defining Item Rules

  • Creating Item Rule Sets
  • Analyzing Item Rule Set Impacts

Managing Item Batches

  • Creating Import Formats
  • Adding Items Through Import Batches
  • Managing Item Batches and Viewing Import Status

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