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Oracle Policy Automation/ Policy Modeling Training

OPA Core Training

This course has been designed for participants without any background in Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) to equip them with all the core skills required to write business rules in OPA, develop entire rulebases and create interactive interviews.  After completing this course, participants will be comfortable modeling a wide range of rules, policy and legislation, with minimal supervision required.

Monad has high-quality, innovative training material which is hands-on from the very first lesson! All of our trainers are highly established OPA experts and are able to adapt the course, where possible, to specific themes (such as Insurance, Public Sector or Financial) to suit the needs of the students.


  • OPM Cloud installed on participants’ machines
  • Basic IT proficiency including MS Word and MS Excel
  • No knowledge of OPM is required or assumed; this is an entry-level course designed as a starting point for learning OPA

Course Outline

  • OPA Background
  • OPM Orientation
  • Business Rules Introduction
  • Boolean Logic for OPA
  • Simple Rules
  • Complex Rules and Policy Interpretation
  • Variables, Comparisons and Calculations
  • Rule Tables
  • Decision Tables
  • Data Modeling and Entities
  • Relationships and Cross-entity Reasoning
  • Names Testing
  • Interviews and Screen Order
  • Data Validation
  • Implementation

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