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SAP BPC Training  

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) tool is used to support all operational and financial activities in an organization. SAP BPC helps in automating and streamlining business forecast, planning, and consolidation activities in your organization.

SAP BPC supports two types of migration - SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft Excel. BPC with Microsoft version enables you to perform modeling, application maintenance, importing data and applying transformations, creating scripts, etc. It leverages the power of MS Excel and provides the user with an Enterprise Power Management (EPM) solution, collaborative tool with robust, readily accepted environment.

SAP BPC provides support for existing Microsoft functionality and various enhancement features like drag and drop report builder, etc.

Following are the key benefits provided by SAP BPC −

  • It allows the user to make better business decisions by supporting What-If analysis and allows you to perform scenario-based planning.
  • It allows you to collaborate data and thus increase accuracy in business planning and accountability.
  • It helps in aligning your plans with strategic goals and hence decrease the cycle time.
  • You have an option to choose the version of SAP NetWeaver or Microsoft Platform.

Following are the key benefits that can be achieved by using BPC −

  • BBusiness Forecasting
  • Analytical Reporting and Analysis
  • Budget Planning
  • Predictive Analysis and Recommendations
  • Improve Compliance
  • Consolidation
  • Business Process Flows and Smooth Collaboration


  • Should have knowledge of finance background such as SAP FICO
  • Should have GOOD SAP BW i.e. Business Warehouse skills

Who should attend this Training?

  • Who is looking for a career in EPM tools
  • Who is a SAP BW or SAP FICO consultant and want to enhance their career in SAP BPC
  • Who is working in Finance/Accounting Domain (CPA, CMA, MBA Fin) and want to get in to SAP
SAP BPC Course Content

Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation

  • Introducing the Benefits, the Interfaces, and the Components
  • Introducing the Excel Interface of the EPM Add-In
  • Using The Web Client
  • Implementing SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation

Creating Structures

  • Introducing the Delivered Content
  • Working with Environments
  • Maintaining Dimensions
  • Maintaining Models
  • Changing Existing Structures

Data Manager

  • Importing Flat Files
  • Using Data Manager Planning Functions
  • Configuring Transformations
  • Using Advanced Data Manager Features

 Business Logic

  • Using Worksheet formulas and EPM functions
  • Configuring Dimension Formulas
  • Running Logic in Real Time
  • Running Logic in Batch Mode
  • Configuring Allocations
  • Using Advanced Logic
  • Using Business Rules for Planning

Administration of Planning and Consolidation

  • Maintaining Security
  • Configuring Work Status
  • Designing Processes
  • Setting Up Journals
  • Creating Document Types for Web Access
  • Setting Up and Using Audits
  • Configuring Drill-Through
  • Setting Up Automated Variance Analysis


  • Validating Master Data
  • Presenting Concurrency Locking

Application Presentation

  • Introducing the Benefits, the Interfaces, and the Components
  • Implementing SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation
  • Presenting Modeling Aspects


  • Describing the Technical Architecture of BO PC
  • Navigating in the Administration Interface
  • Creating Environments
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Creating Models
  • Describing the Security Model
  • Defining Parameters

Using the EPM Add-in

  • Introducing the Excel Interface of the EPM add-in

Data Acquisition

  • Managing Data with Data Manager
  • Flat File Upload and BW Data Upload – Master Data and Hierarchy Upload and Loading of Transaction Data

Logic Scripts

  • Creating Basic Logic Scripts and Online Execution
  • Creating Logic Scripts and Central Execution
  • Defining Logic Scripts for Allocation
  • Integrating Logic Scripts and ABAP
  • Introducing Member Formulas

Business Process Flows

  • Creating Planning Business Process Flows


  • Validating Master Data
  • Configuring Audits
  • Presenting Concurrency Locking
  • Configuring Work Status

Overview of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

  • Introducing the Benefits, the Interfaces and the Components
  • Introducing the Excel Interface of the EPM Add-in
  • Implementing the SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation

The Excel Interface of the EPM Add-in

  • Using the Report Editor
  • Using the Member Selector
  • Workingwith Member Recognition
  • Linking Reports
  • Formatting
  • Multi-source Reporting
  • Using Basic and Advanced EPM Functions & Creating Cell Based Reports
  • Using Delivered Templates
  • Comparing EvDRE to EPM Reports

Distribution and Collection, Comments, and Planning Functions

  • Using the Distribution and Collection Wizard
  • Using the Comment Feature
  • Using the Spread, Trend, and Weight Manual Planning Functions

Business Process Flows (BPFs)

  • Creating Planning Business Process Flows

Web Interface

  • Using the Web Client
  • Using Web Reports, Input Forms and Workspaces
  • Publishing Books

Drill Through

  • Using Drill Trough for BW, ECC and Web Sites

Word and PowerPoint Reports

  • Using Word and PowerPoint


  • SAP BusinessObject Dashboard Integration

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