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workday HCM training

Our workday HCM training is designed for those who are looking to make their career as workday consultant in a world class organization. Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Consultants are having tremendous career opportunities and Highest pay scale in the IT market

Get Mastered on Workday HCM concepts HCM Fundamentals, Core Concepts and navigation of workday, organizations in workday, staffing models, jobs and positions, compensation, security groups, defining business processes, transactions in workday, report writing, calculated fields, EIB, cloud connectors in our Live instructor based interactive online training program.

Workday Training Overview:

Workday is a web based ERP Software vendor that specializes in human capital and financial management applications. Workday provides management with a way to oversee employee data, time tracking, procurement, expense management and financial accounting.

Why Workday?

  • Workday is one of the most in demand
  • Used by top industries across various business verticals
  • .
  • Workday has a market share of about 9.45%
  • Salary package is high

Why with us?

We provide classes by a experienced Certified Workday professionals ,they teach the basics you need to kick start your career on workday. Training will be more practical and you will get the hands on real time experience with limited tenant access.

Focus in providing quality training to our students at a affordable cost with hands on practical approach.

workday HCM Course Content

Introduction to Workday

  • Stores data as Object model;Show Login screen worklets, Dashboards,Inbox,filter excel export etc
  • Navigation: Landing Pages and the Inbox (FREE)
  • Navigation: Links & Related Actions (FREE)
  • Navigation: Search Features (FREE)
  • Navigation: Configuring Worklets (FREE)


  • Types - Company, Cost center, region,supervisory etc Significance of supervisory
  • Show a supervisory org in tenant
  • Supervisory Organization events - Assign, Sub ordinate, Divide
  • Supervisory Organization ODEs(LMS)
  • Location Organization
  • Sub ordinate Supervisory org - create two levels
  • Divide supervisory org - one
  • Create company organization
  • Organization assignments
  • Configure cost center hierarchies(Exam config)
  • Configure Supervisory Organizations(Exam config)

Staffing Model

  • Staffing Models Overview
  • Position Management
  • Job Management
  • Hiring restrictions
  • Create position through Org
  • Edit supervisory org for staffing model - Job management enabled

Jobs and Positions

  • Job profile, Job families, Create positions
  • Staffing Positions ODEs ODEs(LMS)
  • Create a job profile
  • Create positions and set hiring restrictions


  • Grades,plan,eligiblity rules etc
  • Create compensation eligiblity rule + Hire employee
  • Create compensation structure by creating 2 plans, compensation grade,
  • compensation package
  • Configuring Compensation(Exam config)

Configurable security

  • Types of security groups, roles, domain security, business process security
  • Explain what is domain, business process
  • Security reports
  • Configurable Security Overview ODE(LMS)
  • Create User-Based Security Group ODE(LMS)
  • Activate and Assign User-Based Security Group ODE(LMS)
  • Organizations Overview ODE(LMS)
  • Security Groups ODE(LMS)
  • Identify which security group access required for Emergency contacts
  • Modify Business process security
  • Configure Role based security group(Address and contact change partner)
  • Configure Security role based(Constrained) - Copy HR Partner
  • Configure User based security group
  • Configure Job based security group
  • Role based security to enable setup access(Exam config)

Business process

  • Basic concept, copy business process, show with hire bp as example
  • Business Process Definitions ODE(LMS)
  • Locate and Edit Business Process Definitions ODE(LMS)
  • Add Notifications to a Business Process ODE(LMS)
  • Create Business Process Condition Rules ODE(LMS)
  • Edit bp for hire employees in one of the step, add restrictionsm condition rule
  • Copy hire bp
  • Show a full bp with various steps
  • Test the bp by hiring to see approvals are going to the respective person


  • Hire employee with compensation defaulted, terminate employee,
  • move employee, contract contingent worker,
  • convert contingent worker to employee, maintain contract ,maintain probation period,maintain notice period


  • Cancel,rescind,correction,mass cancel,mass rescind,mass cancel to do ,reassign delegations,mass advance business process

Testing Approach

  • Complete end to end test process

Workday Deployment Methodology

  • Implemenation process


  • Migration tools

Workday Update management

  • Workday Update management

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