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Oracle GTM (Global Trade Management) Training

Learn To

  • Implement GTM
  • Maintain various trade master data within GTM
  • Configure Restricted Party Screening, Product Classification Assignment, Compliance Rule configuration and other configuration within GTM
  • Screen Orders, Shipments and other business objects using Trade Transaction feature in GTM.


  • Functional Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Project Manager

Oracle Global Trade Management Overview

  • What is GTM?
  • GTM Trade Transaction
  • Jurisdiction Management(Regions, Authority, Regime, Jurisdiction)
  • GTM Navigation
  • GTM Menu
  • Power data required
  • Master data required

Product Classification(Manual Classification , Auto Classification)

  • Trade Item
  • Product Classification Status
  • Product Classification Type
  • Product Classification Code
  • Product Classification Template
  • Product Classification Lookup
  • Service Parameter Service Preference
  • Scenario-Product Classification

Restricted party screening

  • Trade Master Data
  • Trade Contact
  • Trade Party Status – RPLS Status
  • Data Version
  • Restricted Party
  • Service Parameter and Service Preference
  • Party In Trade Transaction
  • Screen Restricted Party
  • Restricted Party Screening Workbench
  • Data Loading From Custom Info

Sanctioned Country screening

  • Trade Contact Status-Sanctioned Country Status
  • Control Type
  • Control Code
  • Compliance Rule
  • Compliance Rule Set
  • Compliance Rule Set Group
  • Sanctioned Country Screening

Control Screening and License Management

  • Control Type
  • Control Code
  • Compliance Rule
  • Compliance Rule Set
  • Compliance Rule Set Group
  • Scenario-Control Screening
  • License Type
  • License Category
  • License Constraint
  • License Code
  • License
  • License Line
  • Control Screening Trade Transaction Status
  • Scenario- Control Screening and License Assignment

Trade Transaction Auto Screening using Policy

  • Trade Transaction status
  • Trade Transaction Line Status
  • Compliance Screening Result
  • License Assignment Visibilty in trade transaction line

Customs Management

  • Customs Shipment Management and Actions
  • Trade Transaction Consolidation
  • Generate Document
  • File with Customs (AES in US, CHIEF in Europe)

Landed Cost Simulator

  • One Simulation Scenario

Other Things optional which will vary according to users have knowledge of OTM or not:

  • Business Monitors
  • Agents
  • Actions
  • Menus
  • User Roles (Trade User, Compliance Manager)
  • User
  • Integration with custom info

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