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IBM Message Queue Training  

IBM WebSphere MQ V7 System Administration (using Windows and Linux) helps businesses get more from their investments in IT (information technology) by providing a reliable and flexible integration backbone for exchanging messages between applications and Web services.

WebSphere Message Queue 7.5 Administration. IBM is recognised as providing the best enterprise message solution available in the market,  WMQ has survived over a decade which shows its relevance and demand in market place.

This course represents one of the big three, most common Enterprise products in the IBM WebSphere brand. WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ are often found working together. It is fundamental that you understand the WebSphere MQ product.


Basic knowledge of Windows or Linux Operating system. An appreciation for the need of enterprise messaging systems

IBM Websphere Message Queue

Introduction to Websphere MQ  

  • Why Websphere MQ ?
  • Components and Faculties
  • Websphere MQ – advantages

The MQI Calls

  • The MQI call interface
  • Notations

The Message Queue Interface

  • MQI Functions
  • Message descriptor fields
  • Retrieving messages
  • Message Group
  • Message segmentation
  • Distribution list
  • Application Messaging Interface – AMI
  • Triggering – the details


  • The Message channels
  • Application data conversion
  • Queue Manager clusters
  • Client channels

Distributed Queue Management

  • Configuration for distributed queuing
  • The MQI in the network
  • Websphere MQ clusters

System administration , Installation and configuration

  • System administration – introduction
  • Installation
  • Administration tasks
  • Administration interfaces
  • Websphere MQ Windows administration interfaces
  • Configuring a Queue Manager
  • Administration on Unix system

Robust Messaging

  • Recovering from a problem
  • The level 2 Queue Manager
  • Problem determination
  • Transactions & Recovery

Transactional support

  • Unit of work
  • Resource manager
  • Transaction manager
  • MQGET witin Syncpoint control
  • MQPUT within Syncpoint control
  • Compensating transactions
  • Coordinating local units of work
  • Internal coordination of Global Units of work
  • Database coordination
  • External coordination of Global Units of work
  • Independent Coordination

More on Distributed Queuing

  • Websphere family SupportPacs
  • Websphere MQ clients


  • IBM Security Architecture
  • Security Implementations
  • Security in Websphere MQ
  • Remote access example
  • Management and audit

linking , bridging and the Websphere MQ family  

  • Popularity of Websphere MQ
  • The IMS bridge
  • The CICS DPL bridge
  • The LotusScript extension
  • The Enterprise Integrator
  • Java configurations
  • Websphere MQ product Family

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