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NetWorker Implementation, Configuration and Management Training

NetWorker Basics

  • Review NetWorker Concepts and Terminology
  • NetWorker Processes and Backup Flow
  • NetWorker Control Data

NetWorker Planning and Installation

  • Performing Pre-installation Planning
  • NetWorker Licensing
  • Installing NetWorker and NMC
  • Controlling NetWorker Processes

Media Tracking and Management


  • Media Tracking and Management

Performing Backups

  • Data Protection Policies
  • Running and Monitoring Backups
  • Advanced Backup Options
  • VMware Backup Options

Configuring and Managing Devices

  • Devices Overview
  • Using Disk Devices
  • Cloud Storage Devices
  • Using Tape Devices
  • Configuring and Managing Library Resources

NetWorker Database Management

  • Viewing and Managing Tracking Data
  • Manual Management of the NetWorker Databases

Performing NetWorker Recoveries

  • NetWorker Recovery Overview
  • Performing Recoveries by File Selection
  • erforming Save Set Recoveries
  • Performing Directed Recoveries
  • Performing Filesystem Snapshot Recoveries

Performing Cloning and Staging

  • Performing Cloning
  • Performing Clone Controlled Replication
  • Performing NetWorker Staging

NetWorker Security

  • NetWorker Security Features
  • NetWorker Authentication and NMC
  • NetWorker User Groups
  • NetWorker Logs
  • Configuring NetWorker in a Firewall Environment

Administering NetWorker

  • Events and Reporting
  • Managing NetWorker Parallelism
  • Software Distribution
  • Multi-tenancy

Recovering Windows Hosts and Cluster Environments

  • Recovering NetWorker Windows Client Hosts
  • Backup and Recovery of Clusters

Recovering NetWorker and NMC Servers

  • Protecting the Console and NetWorker Server Databases
  • Recovering the NetWorker Server

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