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Microsoft Azure Training

Course Contents:

Overview of MS-Azure Portal and Components.

  • Introduction to Azure
  • Different segments SaaS,PaaS and IaaS
  • Overview of All Azure Services
  • Azure Regions and Data Center
  • Azure portal

MS-Azure Storage Management.

  • Introduction of Azure Storage
  • Implimenting Azure File Storage
  • Implimenting Azure Blog Storage
  • Implimenting Azure Table Storage
  • Configure Azure CDN.
Configuring Storage gateway Files,Volume and Tape

Azure Structure Data Storage management

  • Creating SQL database
  • Connecting Azure SQL Server to On permisses SQL Server

Azure Network Configuration management

  • What is V-Net.
  • Configure IP addressing and subnets.
  • Understanding ACL and Network Security Group.
  • Configuring Network load balancing and endpoints.
  • Understanding Public and Private Ips.
  • Configuring Azure VPN.
  • Express Route
Configuring Multi factor Authentication (MFA)

MS-Azure Web Apps

  • Introduction of web apps and its uses
  • Deployments Sourse
  • Scaling of Web sites
  • Understanding Security and Pricing

MS-Azure App Services

  • Configuring Web-App Services
  • Deploying Statice website
  • Connect Web-App to Domain
  • Deploying Dynamic website using wordpress

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