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Oracle Exadata Database 12c Administration course covers all topics in detail from basics.By going through all tutorials you should be able to understand, what hardware components added and features in Exadata,which are required for DBA's.What are monitor activities to be perform ? and how to manage our roles and responsibilities on different workloads.


You can learn about the various Exadata Database Machine features and configurations, allows to make appropriate up-front configuration decisions. Oracle Exadata equipped instructive case reviews, providing the student more exposure of real time project scenarios.

  • Understanding Oracle Database and Exadata software and architecture
  • Learning the uses of offloading processing
  • Configuration & Administration of Oracle Exadata
  • Implement Exadata Storage Server Security
  • Use query execution plans, statistics and wait events to examine Exadata Smart Scan
  • How to use ASM & Smart Flash Cache?
  • Learn High Availability and Monitoring
  • Configure Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c in conjunction with Exadata Database Machine
  • Performance using intelligent data placement.
  • Gain knowledge on Backup and Recovery
  • Learn Various options for migrating to Database Machine and how to select the best approach
  • Concepts of Bulk Loading and Migration
  • Software Maintenance and Implementing Resource Management.

Course Pre-requisites

  • Unix Basics
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Oracle Core DBA
  • Oracle RAC DBA
  • DBA experience in any OL
Course Outline:

What is Exadata?

  • Traditional Enterprise Database Storage Deployment
  • Introducing Exadata
  • Exadata Terminology
  • Exadata Hardware details
  • Exadata Specifications
  • InfiniBand Network
  • Exadata Features

Offloading/Smart Scan

  • What is Smart Scan?
  • Smart scan benefits
  • Exadata Smart Scans
  • Monitoring cell wait events for parallel Query

Compression in EXADATA

Storage Indexes

EXADATA Smart Flash Cache

EXADATA parallel sessions

Resource Management

Configuring Exadata

Recovering Exadata

EXADATA Wait Events

EXADATA Performance

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