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DataPower product is one of the best products for SOA based application integration and security, the product supports a wide range of protocols transformation and message transformation. DataPower appliances are network devices that communicate with other system and wire-speed process engine for XML, JSON and Binary. DataPower appliance are easy-to-deploy network devices that help simplify, accelerate and secure XML and web services

IBM DataPower Developer course will help you to learn DataPower technology from beginning to advanced level and helps to get knowledge on service development using MPG, WSP, XML Proxy And also learn how to Configure object on DataPower, Integration with MQ, Security configuration, Logging, Monitor and Troubleshooting 


This course is designed for technical professionals who wants to learn DataPower and experienced integration specialist, senior-level developers with experience in application development. This course will be best anybody want to switch their jobs to Integration or middleware development using IBM products

IBM DataPower Course Content

Introduction to IBM WebSphere DataPower

  • Overview of DataPower and DataPower product family
  • DataPower Gateway
  • XML related technologies like XML Schema,
  • Over view of XSLT and XPATH
  • Discussion on SOAP, WSDL, web service fundamentals
  • Basic discussion on Service Oriented Architecture
  • Discussion on JSON and REST based services

Services and objects

  • Overview of Service level and object level configuration
  • Processing rules
  • Processing Actions
  • XML manager

XML Proxy

  • Overview of XML Proxy
  • Create XML Proxy object
  • Configure XML Proxy object
  • Create and configure HTTP front side handler

Web Service Proxy

  • Overview of Web Service Proxy
  • Create Web Service Proxy object
  • Configuring Web Service Proxy object
  • Create and Configure HTTP/HTTPS front side handler
  • Configure Service Level Monitor for Web Service proxy

Multi-Protocol Gateway

  • Overview of Multi-Protocol Gateway
  • Create Multi-Protocol Gateway object
  • Configuring Multi-protocol Gateway object
  • Create and configure HTTP/HTTPs front side handler
  • Create and configure FTP front side handler
  • Error handling rule for request and response
  • Use case scenario for protocol transformation and message transformation
  • Use case scenario for File Transformation

Integration with other product

  • Overview of Integration with other product for DataPower
  • Create MQ object and configuration
  • Create Database object and configuration
  • Use case scenario how to connect and execute Database queries
  • Use case scenario how to put and get from Queue


  • Overview of GatewayScript
  • Context and Session
  • How to write GatewayScript and use in DataPower rule
  • Access Requests and Response Header using Script
  • Access Message Body using Script
  • Error Handling
  • API Objects such as Context, Buffers, Error etc
  • API Methods


  • Overview of Security
  • Transport Level Security SSL and TLS
  • Message Level Security
  • Crypto tool on DataPower
  • Security handling in DataPower
  • Certificate Configuration


  • Overview of Logging
  • Discussion on default logging
  • Create and configure custom logging object
  • Configure logging for external logging

 Troubleshooting and Monitor

  • Overview of Troubleshooting in DataPower
  • Enable and disable probe
  • Enable and disable logging level
  • Overview of Monitor in DataPower
  • SNMP monitor for DataPower

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