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Sybase provides enterprise database management tool that can be used to provide business intelligence and analytics, mobile messaging solutions and enterprise database management for individuals as well as corporate customers all over the US. It is a suite of solutions that help to provide data management, synchronization, and data exchange technologies.

Sybase is a computer software company that is developing and selling database management systems and middleware products. Sybase was the first DBMS that came into the market for Linux OS. Sybase products have found out to be extensive application especially in commercial, industrial and military communication systems.

Who all must attend the course

  • Student or a job seeker who wants to build a career in databases and want to become a Sybase expert.
  • Students having basic knowledge of a DBMS concepts
  • Professional DBA’s too can attend the training and update their knowledge

The Sybase classes will begin with the following topics

  • Introduction to Sybase
  • DML and DDL, DCL
  • SQL constraints
  • Data types and conversions
  • eliminating duplicates
  • lists and ranges
  • organization of query results into groups
  • Clause and summarizing database
  • Operators and joins
  • Subqueries and nested queries
  • partitions and views
  • indexes and their types
  • Stored Procedures, Cursors, and Triggers
  • Control flow Language
  • Local and Global variables
  • ACID properties
  • Principles of Performance and Tuning
  • Tuning Toolbox
  • Table Partitioning
  • Parallel Concepts and tuning
  • Cache Partitioning and Cache Strategies
  • Case study and a project

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