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SharePoint Administration Training

Sharepoint Administration Course Content:

Introduction to SharePoint
  • Brief introduction to SharePoint
  • Internet, Intranet and Extranet based applications
  • visit to SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

Basics of SharePoint

  • Central Administration
  • Web application
  • Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites
  • Sub sites, Document libraries, Lists
  • Site columns, site content types
  • Site template, List template

Hardware and Software requirements

  • hardware requirements
  • software requirements
  • installation of SharePoint farm

Installing SharePoint Server

  • Creating Dedicated Service Accounts
  • Windows Server and SQL Server Installations
  • Installing Prerequisite Software
  • Installing SharePoint Server
  • Creating the Farm and Configuration Database

Sharepoint Architecture

  • 1-tier
  • 2-tier
  • 3-tier
  • WFE-APP and DB servers configuration
  • Network load balancing
  • Understanding Farm Topologies and Configuration
  • Creating and Configuring Service Applications by hand
  • Configuring Managed Accounts
  • Creating and Configuring Service Applications using PowerShell

Sharepoint Hierarchy

  • Farm Configuration
  • Create and Configure Web applications
  • Extending the Web applications
  • Creating Site Collections and Manged Paths
  • Sites, Sub sites, Pages, Lists, Libraries and etc.

Security –Permissions – Authentication providers

  • Authentication – Authorization
  • Adding users and groups in SharePoint site
  • Assigning different permissionActive Directory Service and creating DNS
  • Creating users and groups levels to users and groups
    1. Managing permission level to different content
    2. configuring email Server (SMTP) in Sharepoint
    3. Anonymous access ,Windows access and FBA
    4. NTLM and Kerberos

Service Applications Architecture

  • CCreate and Configure the Server Applications
  • Service Applications and Databases
  • Managed Metadata Service
  • Configuring the User Profile Service
  • Business Connectivity Services

Search Service Application

  • Architecture
  • What’s new in SharePoint search
  • Setting up search service application
  • How to configure Enterprise Search
  • Configuring content Sources
  • Configure Crawling and scheduling

Audit Trial

  • Information management policy features
  • Auditing
  • Reporting

STS ADM and PowerShell

  • Overview
  • Cmdlets
  • Managing web sites using cmdlets
  • PowerShell scripts
  • Operations like Pipe,$_,eq,Match,Like etc..

Additional Features

  • SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries
  • List throttling
  • Content editor web parts
  • SharePoint branding
  • Archiving

Preparing for Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery

  • Backup and Restore of site collections, Content Database and Farms
  • Complete Backup of Web Application
  • Complete Restore of Web Application
  • Exporting & Importing of List
  • Versioning and Restoring Documents
  • Configuring Recycle Bin Behavior
  • Preparing for Disaster Recovery

Deployment and Monitoring custom solutions

  • Backup of web application
  • Backup of site collection
  • Backup of content database
  • Restore operation
  • Solution Packages and Best Practice Deployment
  • Deploying and Managing Farm Solutions
  • Sandboxed Solutions Architecture
  • Uploading and Activating Sandboxed Solutions
  • Monitoring and Administrating Sandboxed Solutions

Upgrading / Migration Content from SharePoint Lower Versions to Higher Versions

  • Upgrade Concepts and Terminology
  • Deprecated Upgrade Techniques from SharePoint
  • Preparing for Database Attach
  • Migrating Content

Trouble Shooting & Real Time Scenoriuos

  • Logging, ULS logs.
  • Eventlog or Event Viewer how to trouble shoot based on Guid
  • Service Unavailable: HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable in SharePoint.,How to Trouble shoot
  • Ports used by Sharepoint
  • How to enable Anonymous access in Sharepoint
  • Reveal Actual Error page
  • How to Disable Sharepoint Designer
  • How to Truncate Transaction logs
  • Configuring iFilter for PDF Search in SharePoint 2010 -Step by Step
  • Multi Lingual user interface in Sharepoint 2010
  • How to create Merger log file.
  • How to enable Custom error mode Off and On
  • Service accounts / AD

Sharepoint Basics thing for development

  • Lists and Libraries
  • Create Views in List
  • Custom Lists and Custom document libraries
  • Site coloumn
  • List columns
  • Look up columns
  • Custom Content types
  • Column types
  • Lists and Libraries

OOB Vs Customizations

  • OOB Webparts
  • Custom Webparts
  • Gosting and ungosting
  • Application Vs Site page

Sharepoint Object Model

  • Server Object Model
  • Classes and methods in Object model
  • Using Microsoft.SharePoint.DLL
  • Site Architecture and Object Overview
  • SPWebApplication, SPSite, SPWeb, SPList and more
  • Sample Programs to understand the Object Model
  • What is CAML
  • How to Write CAM Queries

Working with WebParts

  • Webpart vs Visual Webpart
  • User Control vs Visual Webpart
  • Webpage and User Control
  • Properties and class in a Visual webpart

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