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Oracle Transportation Management Training / OTM Functional & Technical Course

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Training prepares partners to implement the product using presentations, hands-on exercises and real-world configuration scenarios. Successful candidates will understand OTM "from A to Z", starting with how it is architected, and ending with how to generate a customer bill or payment voucher.

Our course teaches you the most widely used core functional & Technical components in OTM, including order management, transportation planning of direct, multi-stop, and multi-leg shipments, the tendering/booking and acceptance process, and visibility. This course helps you get started with OTM including: finding what you need in OTM, entering supporting data and business rules, creating orders, building shipments, execution, and tracking shipments. OTM is a broad application with many features. This course is designed to introduce you to the breadth of the application. At the conclusion of this course, you will have an understanding of the overall OTM capabilities you may use on a daily basis

Our OTM Training delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, from full truckload to complex multi-leg air, ocean, and rail shipments.

Our training approach is job oriented where in you will be given minimum of 30hours of instructor-led-online training with real-time case studies, which you have to asses and implement all the concepts that are taught. With these assignments you will get one complete life-cycle implementation of OTM.

Course Objectives:

  • Tender/book and accept a buy shipment as a service provider
  • Retrieve and explain status information on a buy shipment
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Distinguish and describe the components of OTM
  • Enter data to model sample business processes
  • Enter fundamental data elements to build a buy shipment, including service providers and rates
  • Create an order and release an order in OTM
  • Create buy shipments from orders
  • Enter buy shipment tracking events

OTM 6.4 Core Competence Learn to:

  • Enter data to model sample business processes
  • Create an order and release an order in OTM
  • Create shipments from orders
  • Execute shipments
  • Settle transportation costsB

Who Can Benefit? 

  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Consultant


  • Understand the transport process of company
  • Basic knowledge of transportation and logistics processes
  • Introduction to Freight /Transport Management System

In this intensive and hands-on course, you'll learn about the core functional components of OTM.

Learn To:

  • Describe the Oracle Transportation Management and Global Trade Management product options.
  • Find what you need in OTM.
  • Understand how to customize OTM pages.
  • Enter data to model sample business process.
  • Create an order and release an order in OTM.
  • Create buy shipments from orders.
  • Execute buy shipments.
  • Enter buy shipment tracking events.
  • Review order movements.
  • Review network routing.
  • Optionally, review OTM log files.
  • Optionally, review how to upload data to OTM via CSV files.
  • Optionally, review use of ground schedules and trip templates
OTM Functional Course Contents

Introduction and Basic OTM Concepts

  • Adding and Retrieving OTM Data
  • Course Overview
  • Customizing OTM
  • Setting OTM Preferences
  • Reviewing OTM Terminology
  • Navigating OTM

Creating Orders and Planning Shipments in OTM

  • Entering Shipment Tracking Events
  • Managing Orders in OTM
  • Manually Modifying Shipments
  • Viewing OTM Statuses
  • Understanding Visibility for Orders and Shipments
  • Planning Shipments
  • Tendering Shipments

Configuring OTM to Build and Tender a Multi-stop Shipment

  • Creating Commodities and Items
  • Configuring Automation Agents
  • Creating Equipment Groups and Equipment Group Profiles
  • Creating Itineraries
  • Creating Service Providers and Configuration Contact Notification
  • Creating and Releasing Order Bases and Bulk Planning the Order Releases
  • Creating Locations, Corportations, Calendars, and Contacts
  • Configuring Rate Distance, Rate Service, Rate Offerings, and Rate Records for Truckload and LTL

Building a Multi-leg Shipment

  • Planning a Multi-leg Shipment and Viewing Order Movements
  • Creating Rate Offerings and Rate Records for Vessel
  • Viewing Staged Data (Items, Equipment Groups, Service Providers and Truckload Rates)
  • Creating Order Releases
  • Creating a Multi-leg Itinerary
  • Defining Accessorials and Special Services
  • Querying for Truckload and Vessel Rates
  • Configuring Auto Assignment Rules
OTM Admin and Technical Content

OTM Architecture

System Architecture (Web, APP, DB, Integration Server).

OTM Administration

User Management

  • User Roles.
  • User Levels.
  • User Creations.
  • VPD Management

User Interface (Look & Feel)

  • Screen Set Management
  • Style Sheets
  • User Menus.
  • Localization.

Understanding OTM Log Files

Understanding Application scenarios

  • Setups and their usage.
  • Multi Leg, Multi Stop Scenarios.
  • Business Number Generation.
  • Automation Agents

Working OTM Integrations

  • OTM Integration Configurations
  • XML Files generation and Modifications.

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