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MongoDB Training  

MongoDB is a very popular open source NoSQL database. When scalability and speed are required, this database shines. It is a document database which imposes very little and has drivers for many programming languages.

This course will teach you how to get mongo running, manipulate and query data, index for speed, and arm you with the essential skills required to start using Mongo.

  • MongoDB Introduction
  • MongoDB Installation 
  • DataBase Creation in MongoDB
  • ACID and CAP Theorum 
  • What is JSON and what all are JSON Features? 
  • JSON and XML Difference 
  • CRUD Operations – Create , Read, Update, Delete

Mongo DB Training Overview

MongoDB is the latest and rapidly growing database service provided by MongoDB Inc. MongoDB is not a relational database but a NoSQL database. As a document-oriented database, MongoDB provides high performance, auto failover and auto-scaling which is the primary goal for the newly emerging Big data and Developers. You will gain enough expertise in the framework of Data Monitoring, Indexing and Aggregation. It supports cross-platform and document-oriented database which is mainly used for the Large-scale database. Mongo DB is a high-performance open source, Schema free document / Object-Oriented database optimized for web application environments. MongoDB stores data as JSON formats, sometimes the documents can be varied in structure. Relevant information is stored together in a document for better and fast query access via the MongoDB query language.

Objectives of the Course

  • Learn to integrate MongoDB with tools like Jaspersoft and Pentaho
  • Integration of MongoDB with GUI Tool Robomongo
  • Develop an expertise in writing Java and Node JS applications using MongoDB
  • Troubleshoot Performance issues.
  • Understand MongoDB Aggregation framework
  • Learn MongoDB Backup and Recovery options and strategies
  • How to setup a replicated cluster, Managing ReplicaSets etc.

Who should do the course

  • Professionals from Analysts background.
  • Software Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Those who want to become master in MongoDB/NoSQL
  • Project Managers and Trainers
  • System administrators
  • Research professionals
  • Those looking for a career in Big Data
Mongo DB Course Content

Introduction Mongo DB

  • Overview
  • What is MongoDB?
  • MongoDB Relative to Relational
  • Application Architecture
  • Quick Introduction to the Mongo Shell
  • Introduction to JSON
  • Installing MongoDB
  • MongoDB is Schemaless
  • JSON Revisited
  • JSON Spec
  • Introduction to Our Class Project, the Blog
  • Blog in Relational Tables
  • Blog in Documents
  • Introduction to Schema


  • CRUD and the Mongo Shell
  • Secrets of the Mongo Shell
  • BSON Introduced
  • Inserting Docs
  • Introduction to findOne
  • Querying Using field Selection
  • Querying Using $gt and $lt
  • Inequalities on Strings
  • Using regexes, $exists, $type
  • Using $or, $and
  • Querying Inside Arrays
  • Using $in and $all
  • Queries with Dot Notation
  • Querying, Cursors
  • Counting Results
  • Wholesale Updating of a Document
  • Using the $set Command and unset Command
  • Using $push, $pop, $pull, $pullAll, $addToSet
  • Upserts
  • Multi-update
  • Removing Data
  • getLastError (MongoDB v2.4 and earlier)
  • Getting Started with the .NET Driver
  • .NET driver, MongoClient, MongoDatabase, MongoCollection
  • .NET driver, document representation, Poco Representation, InsertOne, Find, Find with Filters, Find with Skip, Limit, and Sort, Find with Projections, UpdateOne and UpdateMany, DeleteOne and DeleteMany, FindOneAndUpdate, FindOneAndReplace, FindOneAndDelete  and BulkWrite
  • Using MongoProc

Schema Design

  • Patterns
  • Case Studies
  • Tradeoffs


  • Using Indexes
  • Monitoring And Understanding Performance
  • Performance In Sharded Environments

Aggregation Framework

  • Goals
  • The Use Of The Pipeline
  • Comparison With SQL Facilities

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