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Selenium with C # Training

Today, the demand for software testers is on the rise. We at United Global Soft can equip individuals with the power to be exceptional software testers with our comprehensive Selenium Testing Training in Hyderabad. We enable testers to understand the use of Selenium Webdriver and equip them with the power to test any web application. Webdriver’s APIs can be easily integrated with other programming languages like java, c#, Python and so on. You will learn how to create the framework for a selenium webdriver from scratch using c#.You can learn to conduct reliable and stable automation tests. From manual, automatic testing like selenium to performance testing training courses, we cover all of your requirements.

Course Objectives

  • Learn automation in testing of different popular web browsers and for Mobile applications.
  • Understand concepts of Xpath, Object Identification and Web driver.
  • Learn to code the scripts for parallel simultanous testing of various applications.
  • Execute the Selenium test case in multiple browsers.
  • Practice to integrate Test NGN Framework with Selenium to generate reports.
  • Harness features of Page Object Model for reusable automation test scripts.
  • To automate the build process using Apache Ant - a software tool for automating software build processes.
  • Performing the multiple tests using multiple machines to run tests in parallel manner with the help of Selenium-Grid.
  • Learn with optimized way to create object repository in POM concept using Page Factory tool.
Course Contents:

Collapse Selenium IDE  

  • Introduction
  • Record & Playback
  • Command types
  • Using Verifications
  • Using Asserts
  • Exporting Test Case/Suite to C#/NUnit

Collapse Selenium Webdriver

  • Introduction
  • Setting up new project
  • Project Structure
  • Understanding DOM Structure
  • Finding Elements
  • Assert Types
  • Working with Dynamic Elements (Radio/Checkbox/DropDown/Select Element)
  • Tables and Data grid
  • XPath
  • Embedded JavaScript
  • Cross Platform Browser Testing

Collapse Selenium Framework & Infrastructure

  • Creating Data Driven Tests (XML/DB/Excel)
  • Linq queries (DDT)

Collapse Selenium Server (Optional)  

  • What is Selenium Server
  • Intro for Selenium Grid
  • Configuring Selenium Server
  • Grid Configuration
  • Setting up Grid
  • Running a Test in Grid
  • Best Practice Techniques and Structure
  • Error Handling
  • Actions And Alerts

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