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SAS DI Description:

This course introduces SAS Data Integration Studio and includes topics for registering sources and targets; creating and working with jobs; and working with transformations


  • SAS programming basics
  • SQL processing
  • the SAS macro facility.

Course Content

Overview of SAS Data Integration Studio

  • exploring the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • reviewing the course data and course tasks

Working with Change Management

  • introduction to change management
  • establishing a change management environment (self-study)

Creating Metadata for Source Data

  • setting up the environment
  • registering source data metadata

Creating Metadata for Target Data

  • registering target data metadata
  • importing metadata for target data

Creating Metadata for Jobs

  • introduction to jobs and the job editor
  • using the SQL join transformation

Additional Features for Jobs

importing SAS code

  • working with propagation and mappings
  • chaining jobs
  • investigating performance statistics

Working with Transformations

  • working with the extract transformation
  • working with summary statistics transformation
  • exploring status handling for transformations and jobs
  • working with the data validation transformation
  • working with the sort transformation
  • working with the append transformation
  • working with the transpose transformation
  • working with the apply lookup standardization transformation

Working with Slowly Changing Dimensions

  • defining slowly changing dimensions
  • using the SCD Type 2 Loader and Lookup transformations
  • introducing the Change Data Capture transformations (self-study)

Working with Loop Transformations

  • introduction to Loop transformations
  • iterating a job with Loop transformations
  • iterating a single transformation with Loop transformations

Defining New Transformations

  • SAS code transformations
  • using the new transformation wizard
  • Working with Tables and the Table Loader Transformation
  • basics of the Table Loader transformation
  • load styles of the Table Loader transformation
  • table properties and load techniques of the Table Loader transformation

Additional Topics for SAS Data Integration Studio Users


  • analyzing metadata using impact analysis
  • metadata promotion
  • metadata reports
  • checkpoint/restart
  • deploying jobs for scheduling
  • deploying jobs as SAS Stored Processes

Implementing Data Quality Techniques

  • SAS and data quality
  • working with the DataFlux IS transformations

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