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SAP Success Factors HCM Online Training

SAP SuccessFactors is a quantum jump in the SAP HCM path and is cloud-based technology. SAP Successfactors training courses concentrate on basically four fundamental perspectives which are talent solutions, HR Analytics, SAP JAM and core HR solutions.There are some key factors that are needed for adopting cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors technology –

  • SAP SuccessFactors learning are useful for business execution, which include workforce analytics and workforce planning
  • For effective functioning of an organization, business execution & human resources are playing vital role.
  • Also, there are many HR products that are useful for business execution
Course Contents


  • Why Cloud?
  • Why SuccessFactors?
  • SuccessFactors Core & Talent Management modules Overview
  • Role of Professional Services Consultant
  • SuccessFactors BizX methodology
  • Accelerators, Configuration workbooks, Estimators, etc.
  • SuccessFactors BizXpert architecture
  • Business Execution process in detail
  • Understanding SuccessFactors terminology
  • Introduction to Instance
  • Introduction to Provisioning
  • Partner Portal, Community, SuccessStore, etc.
  • Home-page acquaintance
  • Portlets, Dashboards, Tile browser
  • Navigating Main Menu, Welcome Menu
  • To-Do list, Admin. Tools a glance
  • Welcome Menu Options
  • My favorites list
  • Search functionality
  • Help &tutorials
  • Personalizing the Instance
  • Welcome Portlets
  • Company logo, Theme manager
  • Theme manager, e-mail notifications, etc.
  • Introduction to Organization chart
  • Directory in Org. chart
  • Resources in Org chart
  • Personal card in detail
  • Introduction to Position Org. Chart
  • Add lower position
  • Add peer position
  • Manage position
  • Introduction to Position Org. Chart (cont..)
  • Internal number ranges
  • Advanced position management
  • Internal number ranges to Position
  • Introduction to Data (.csv) files
  • Export employee
  • Import employee
  • Manage employee


  • Data Models: Corporate data model
  • Succession data model
  • Country-Specific Corporate data model
  • Country-Specific Succession data model
  • Foundational Objects configuration
  • Organizational Foundational Objects
  • Job Foundational Objects
  • Pay Foundational Objects
  • Generic Objects, Cost center
  • Other FO, Workflow configuration
  • Other FO, Event reason
  • Other FO, Dynamic role
  • Introduction to Proxy management
  • Add/Hire new Employee
  • Understanding New Hire workflow
  • Monitoring Workflows
  • Introduction to Employee profile
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Data Change workflow
  • Introduction to Role Based Permissions (RBP)
  • User Permissions, Administrator Permissions
  • Permission Roles, Permission Groups
  • Manage Security
  • Introduction to Extended Markup Language (XML)
  • Working with XML pad
  • Document Type Definition (DTD) files
  • Creating/Modifying Rules
  • Introduction to MDF (Meta Data Framework)
  • Generic Objects – Cost Centers
  • Manage Advance Objects
  • Manage Configuration UI
  • Picklist Management
  • Working with Propagation rules


  • Introduction to Goal Management
  • Goal plan template: Basic
  • Goal plan template: Extended
  • Accessing Goal plan from Menu
  • Introduction to Goal Management (cont..)
  • SMART goals, Cascading goals
  • Goral Execution
  • Goal Library
  • Introduction to Performance Management
  • Accessing Performance v12 forms
  • Performance review
  • Competencies
  • Introduction to Performance Management (cont..)
  • Rating Scale
  • Route Map
  • Stack Ranker
  • Introduction to Performance Management (cont..)
  • 360 review


  • Prework
  • Compensation Management Introduction
  • Provisioning exercises
  • Discovery and Kickoff
  • Data Integration
  • Provisioning and XML
  • Comp admin tools
  • Comp Mastery Salary Sheet
  • Executive Review
  • Multi currency review
  • Budgets
  • Bonus Sheet
  • Stock Options
  • Reporting
  • Admin Maintenance

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