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Oracle Identity Manager Development Training

Course Overview:

The course " Oracle Identity Manager Development" is designed for students who are familiar with Oracle Identity Manager Product and have basic understanding about Java. This course starts with very basic and then gradually move on to the very advanced topic in Oracle Identity Manager.

Course Contents:

Overview of Oracle Identity Manager

  • Consoles in Oracle Identity Manager

Installation, Configuration, Starting and Stopping the Service

  • Database Installation
  • RCU Installation
  • Java Installation
  • WebLogic Installation
  • SOA Installation
  • OIM Installation
  • OIM Configuration
  • WebLogic Start/Stop
  • OIM Start/Stop
  • SOA Start/Stop
  • BI Publisher Start/Stop

Basics of Java

  • Classes, Objects and Data Types
  • Loops
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Interface and Abstract Classes
  • Java Collections
  • List, Array Lists, Hash Map, Set
  • JDBC Connectivity

Application Onboarding Fundamentals

  • Reconciliations and Provisioning
  • Process Definition
  • Forms
  • Lookups
  • Application Instances
  • Entitlements
  • Reconciliation Rules and Mapping

Introduction to OIM API

  • User Management API
  • Provisioning Service API
  • Entitlement and Catalog Service API
  • Lookup Service API
  • Request Service API
  • OIM Service API

Adapters in OIM

  • Understanding Adaptors
  • Developing Pre-populate Adaptors
  • Developing Process Task Adaptors

Event Handlers

  • Event Handler Concept
  • Developing Post Process Event Handler
  • Developing Request Validators
  • Deploying event handlers

Scheduled Task

  • Overview about OOTB Schedulers
  • Developing and deploying Custom Scheduler

Approval Policy

  • Understanding Workflow rules
  • Developing Workflow

Understanding Connectors

  • Connectors Concept
  • DBUM and DBAT Connector
  • OUD and UNIX connector
  • Extending the functionality of the connector

Identity Audit and certification

  • Understanding Certification
  • Developing Certification
  • Understanding Identity Audits and Identity Analytics
  • Developing Segregation of Duties policy

OIM Customization

  • UI Customization Basic
  • Adding Custom attributes
  • Changing the logo
  • Hiding some components from UI
  • Integration of OIM and OAM
  • Performance Tuning
  • Web service Connector
  • Debugging Use Cases

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