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ORACLE RAC DBA 11G & 12C Training

Project & Scenario based Training on Oracle RAC.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) is a clustered version of Oracle Database based on a comprehensive high-availability stack that can be used as the foundation of a database cloud system as well as a shared infrastructure, ensuring high availability, scalability, and agility for any application


  • Clustered database deployments for high availability, performance, and agility
  • Oracle’s premier shared disk database clustering technology
  • Efficiently runs any packaged or custom application
  • Choice of administrator-managed or policy-managed deployments


  • Runs all database workloads
  • Foundation for database clouds
  • Scale out and scale up on-demand
  • Highest availability for the database
  • Flexible workload management

Linux Installation 

Learn to install Linux with relevant packages. 

  • Understand HDD partitioning
  • Primary Verses Extended Partitioning
  • Physical Volumes / Logical Volumes / Luns

Understanding RAID / Storages / DNS / DHCP / iscsi utilities

  • Different levels of Raid
  • Installation of configuration of DNS.
  • Installation and configuration of DHCP
  • tgtd and iscsi utilities

Configuring 11g Grid Infrastructure and 11g Rac Software

  • Install and configure two Node Rac Cluster with scan ip.
  • Install and Rac Database

11g Grid Infrastructure administration.

  • Day to Day administration of RAC cluster.
  • Understanding the Cluster Log Structure.
  • Basic troubleshooting and approaches

Learning crstl, srvctl utilities.

  • Using crsctl / srvctl utilities to install/monitor cluster components

Managing Voting Disks / OCR / OLR

  • Managing the voting disk / OCR / OLR.
  • How to take a Backup of OCR /OLR
  • Recovery scenarios

Node addition and Deletion in Clusterware

  • Add third and fourth node to the exiting cluster
  • Deleting Nodes from Cluster
  • Adding Database instances to Rac Database

ASM overview and architecture

  • Complete Overview of ASM
  • Understand the need of ASM
  • ASM instance parameters

Creating ASM Disk groups and ACFS filesystem

  • Creating Diskgroups and understanding disk Group Attributes
  • Configure an ACFS filesystem
  • Intelligent Data Placement
  • Monitoring / maintaining Disk groups

Converting non ASM database to ASM

  • Convert a Non-asm database to ASM using rman

Add and deleting Instances from RAC database

  • Adding and deleting Database instance from RAC database

GRD overview

  • Overview of GRD
  • Understanding the GCS and GES
  • Cache Fusion Scenarios

Overview of Services and Configuring services for Transparent Application fail overs

  • Understanding and configuration of Database services
  • Configuration of services for TAF
  • Tracing / logging Services

Patching Grid and RAC database

  • Different types of Patches
  • How to apply rolling patch to Clusterware and database

Setup symmetric and asymmetric data guard for RAC databases

  • Installing Symmetric physical standby with Data Guard Manager
  • Installing asymmetric physical standby with Data Guard Manager

Upgrade 11g database to 12c Standard cluster

  • Steps to perform upgrade of 11g Cluster to 12c Cluster
  • Understanding Management DB

Installation of 12c Flex Cluster and Flex ASM

  • Installing 12c Flex Cluster with Flex ASM.
  • Understanding the difference between them

New Features of 12c Flex Clusters

  • What is flex cluster and its benefits
  • Convert Leaf Nodes to Hub Nodes

New Features Oracle 12c Multitenant database

  • Understanding multitenant architecture
  • Overviews of Pluggable databases
  • Convert 11g Db to 12c

Rman backup consideration for RAC databases

  • Rman Back and Recovery consideration for RAC database

Performance tuning on 12c RAC ( Reading AWR / ADDM / ASH )

  • How to read and interpret AWR / ADDM / ASH report

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