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SAS Business Intelligence Training

With the SAS Business Intelligence course, enabling professionals to explore the potential user and offer the great aid for business analysis. As a Business Intelligence content developer, the one who learns the course, gets the opportunity to create reports, create dashboards and analyze the same, by the end users.

Course Objectives

The Course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:

  1. To create user friendly business applications
  2. To understand and execute advanced reporting techniques
  3. Learn about data and information maps to build them
  4. SAS BI Application Dashboard creation
  5. Creation of stored processes
  6. Learn to use the advanced methods with the help of SAS reports
  7. Exploit data in Multidimensional ways
  8. Using SAS Guide projects to execute the stored processes
  9. Creation of dynamic stored processes for the usage of users for parameters

Who should go for this course?

SAS BI, being the professional course basing on SAS, all the software and information related professional with basic knowledge upon SAS and other information systems can attend.

  1. Freshers/Graduates
  2. End users
  3. IT professionals
  4. Business Professionals
  5. Management professionals
  6. Management graduates
  7. Aspiring individuals
  8. Job seekers

Why learn SAS?

  • SAS business intelligence course offers the most professional way of SAS skills needed.
  • SAS BI is a module of SAS where business analysis if possible through a software skill set
  • With these skills, can enhance your business intelligence for sure, as the name says it all.
  • SAS BI also very much fetching for career opportunities for the fresher or graduates who are looking for a breakthrough in the IT industry
  • Even for the professionals, this course stands as a guide and helps for betterment of chances in the industry and also upgrades the skills.

What are the prerequisites for this Course?

  • As SAS, BI is the professional course, it is preferable to possess a basic understanding of fundamentals of SAS basic course.
  • Other than this, as graduates and fresher can learn the course, minimum degree qualification is needed to get eligible to learn the course.
  • Graduate or post graduate having some basic strength in mathematics is preferable.
  • And other academic courses like B.A, B.Com, M.Com, MBA, MCA and all the graduate and postgraduate degrees of pharma and life sciences.

Introduction to SAS BI

The SAS Business Intelligence Platform is a suite of software services, components and practices for building intelligent enterprise information delivery applications that exploit the analytic and presentation power of the SAS System. Learn More about SAS BI.

  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Data Integration Studio (ETL)
  • SAS Management Console
  • SAS Web Report Studio
  • SAS OLAP cube Studio
  • SAS Add -In for Microsoft Office
  • SAS Information Map Studio
  • SAS stored process

SAS BI Content Developer

Understanding SAS BI tool, SAS data integration studio, What is change management and repository types in this module of SAS BI training.

What Is Business Intelligence?

  • Navigating in SAS BI Data Integration Studio
  • Working under Change Management

What Is Change Management?

  • Repository Types in SAS BI
  • Using Change Management
  • Designing The Course Data Mart
  • Data marts are small slices of data warehouse.
  • This module is a collection of tips on how to run your data mart implementation project
  • Planning a Data Warehouse, Exercises
  • Building A Data Mart In SAS BI
  • Learn how to build a data mart during SAS BI training, starting from reviewing a case study.
  • Review of the Case Study
  • Define the Source Data

What are the Target Tables in SAS BI

  • Load the Target Tables
  • Exercises
  • Building An OLAP Cube
  • On-Line Analytical Processing (or OLAP) has long been part of the data storage and exploitation strategy for SAS professional. Take an overview on OLAP in this module of SAS BI Training.

What Is OLAP

  • Building an OLAP Cube in SAS BI
  • Solutions to Exercises

SAS BI Transformations, For Slowly Changing Dimensions (Self-Study)

This module is designed to give you a good idea about SCD, its dimensions, load transformation and Lookup transformation.

  • Defining Slowly Changing Dimensions in SAS BI
  • How to use SAS BI SCD Type 2 Loader Transformation
  • Using the Fact Table Lookup Transformation

Job Scheduling

Learn how to schedule data integration studio jobs during SAS BI training.

  • Scheduling SAS Data Integration Studio Jobs

SAS® Data Integration Studio And Data Quality

Understand what is data integration studio, how to set up tasks for SAS BI data integration etc... in this module of training.

  • SAS and Data Quality
  • SAS BI Data Validation Transformation
  • Apply Lookup Standardization Transformation (Self-Study)
  • Create Match Code Transformation (Self-Study)
  • Administering SAS® BI Data Integration Studio
  • Setup Tasks for SAS® BI Data Integration Studio

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